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In Studio: $35 per outfit*

Location: $50 per outfit/per 2 days*

*One outfit includes everything; tops, bottoms, shoes, headdress, etc. Everything and anything you could possibly need!

For examples of what we have available for rent, check our our Instagram linked above!

Disclaimers and FAQs:

     Wonderland only rents out wardrobe for photo shoots and runways. We do not rent outfits for parties, events, conventions, etc. Though it may not be the fault of the renter, our wardrobe tends to be trashed at these events. No exceptions. 

     Multiple girls are not allowed to share one outfit for only one charge in studio, one outfit means one person per outfit.

     Rentals on location requires the renter to return our wardrobe ON TIME. Every additional two days the wardrobe is late, the renter will be subjected to a $50 fee. (Our two day policy means day one begins when the renter picks up their outfit, day two requires the renter to return wardrobe the following day. This policy can be extended for productions or long distance photo shoots). 

     Whoever is wearing the wardrobe is NOT allowed to smoke, eat messy foods, or handle anything that will stain our wardrobe.

     Before the outfit is rented, wardrobe will be thoroughly inspected by one of our Wonderland Corsets ladies for any damages. After the rental has been returned, any damage to the wardrobe is required to be compensated immediately at whatever price is deemed fit by Wonderland Corsets. If any item is lost or stolen, the renter is required to pay the full sale price of that item. This price will be determined before rental in writing on our contract and is required to be signed by both parties.