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​​Wonderland Corsets

Custom Corsets and Costumes

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​Long-Line Fashion Under Bust: $200+

     Our basic under bust made specifically to your measurements. Our corsets are made from at least three layers of fabric to get a perfect cinch. Each corset is made from a minimum of 22 steel bones (varies by size and style), steel busk, modesty panel, coutil, and a fashion fabric of your choice. 

Custom Fitted Waist-Trainer: $200+

     Similar to our under bust listed above, but requires a physical fitting in our studio. We don't just work off your measurements, we take into account how your body will corset by looking at your internal body structure, body type, and lifestyle to build you the perfect corset. These corsets are suitable for wearing everyday, waist-training, and tight lacing. 

Over Bust Corset: $300+

​     These corsets come up and over the bust, and can be designed with multiple different necklines and shapes to best suit your body type or ideal figure. 

*Prices listed above are only basic fees. Additional add-ons such as choice of fabric, embellishments, etc. can change the price of your order. For more information, send us an email to receive a quote!