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Welcome to Wonderland~ 

Home of the most fabulous custom made corsets and costumes! We specialize in creating modern corsets of our own special design; long-line fashion corsets with a gentle hourglass figure. Located inside Wonderland Studios, we have a large variety of corsets, costumes, headpieces, and more to choose from to rent for your own photo shoot or runway event. We also custom make a wide variety of costumes, anything from cosplay to period pieces for both men and women alike! For more information, take a peek under our other tabs here on our website...

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​Cheri Wilson Chagollan: Owner

​     A renowned corsetier and costume designer for ten years, Cheri has become a master at corsetry and design. Chagollan’s foray into costuming began with the decision to try out a sewing course at Saddleback College. While at Saddleback, Chagollan became determined to perfect the very art of corsetry by making costumes for theaters and creating beautiful collections to present at Fashion Week. She has expanded her talents and has created two popular business under the same roof; Wonderland Studios, now owned and opertated by Mike Saffels, and Wonderland Corsets, her current pride and joy. Through hard work and word of mouth, Cheri has become Orange County’s go-to corsetier and costume designer for over ten years.

Akemi Hogan: Assistant

     A nerdy video game enthusiast, Akemi (pronounced ah-KEH-mee) is representing her love for fantasy and sci-fi alike through modeling and cosplay. She began her modeling career in 2010, which then expanded into cosplay in 2014. After years of modeling corsets and costumes she has now become an aspiring costume designer learning under her inspiration, Cheri Wilson Chagollan from Wonderland Studios/Corsets. For Akemi, every new costume is a learning experience and therefore a pleasure as she plans to create and design what she loves and perfect her craft.

Mr. Mumbles: Studio Cat

     As the handsome orange tabby that roams around Wonderland, Mumbles is in charge of greeting our clients, taking naps and being adorable. Though it may be a stressful job, he still maintains a fluffy and friendly atmosphere and is extremely welcoming to all of our guests at the studio. Head scratches are welcomed and encouraged.

​​Wonderland Corsets

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